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Grooming Information

First Check-up

On arrival, I will check and examine the coat, skin, ears, feet and even teeth. Why? Because all these things help to determine what the next step will be in  grooming process. Skin disorders will require special shampoos and external parasites may be detected at this time and treated accordingly.


De-matting can be an extremely painful procedure. In order to "keep length" on a dog's coat. I may have to explain to you that it is impossible to demat your dog, and that I will not place your dog in such a painful and potentially dangerous situation.
Always remember the coat will grow back and with proper upkeep of the coat, your will have the coat you always wanted.

The Groom and Bath

A thorough bath with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner is used. The dog is lathered and rinsed until the water runs completely clear.

Drying time

When the bathing procedure is complete, I use an electric blaster dryer to dry your dogs coat. The drying time  can take a anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.  Keep in mind that clippers or scissoring and thinning cannot be done on a damp or dirty dog.

The Van

All work is carried out inside my fully equipped van, which is fitted with an electric Hydro bath, electric grooming table, an electric double motor blaster dryer and various grooming tools. All I need to get started is to connect an extension lead into a electrical socket to power the van lights, water heater, bath shower and all the electrical appliances.

Caring for your Pet

Most pets are usually groomed professionally every four to six weeks, depending on the breed and how much you can care for your pet's coat. Please understand that a groomer cannot be the sole caretaker with regards to coat care.

All pets need the attention of brushing/maintenance by the owner between the grooms to be certain to reduce matting and other skin conditions that can come from lack of simple daily home coat care.

If you have problems with your pet's coat care between grooming please ask me for advice. I can recommend the correct tools, techniques and show you how to care for your pets coat or even arrange just a brush out in between full grooms.

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